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You are most welcome to the East Algarve, to Tavira and to VerdeLand Lda.

My name is Karsten Steenken. Since the company's founding in 2002 I have been the sole owner and director of VerdeLand Lda.

I am proud to say that VerdeLand is probably the only completely independent estate agency in the Algarve. Independent in the sense that I don't depend on selling our own property listings. My mantra is: 'Property is never sold, it is always purchased.' So there won't ever be any hard selling by VerdeLand Lda.

Since VerdeLand moved its office from the Roman Bridge to Rua da Liberdade 1, next to Tavira Town Hall, I have changed my way of working. I prefer to give my clients (and my clients are always the buyers) the most professional and completely independent property advice. I can do this because because I have been working nonstop since 2001 in the property business, with various diplomas both from Germany and from Portugal - unlike most others.

I now work with leading estate agents, with whom I have commission sharing agreements. Thus you, our purchasing clients, have to cover no commissions, as in Portugal only the seller pays the commission.

You tell me please what YOU are looking for and I shall try find you exactly what you want, which is not always possible. If it is impossible I will tell you straight away so that you don't waste your time.

I have also worked, for many years, very closely with a few leading Solicitors and Law firms, to ensure that the due dilligence work is done smoothly and precisely. I recommend accountants and tax advisors, currency exchange specialists (mainly for UK clients), architects, builders, surveyors, property management companies, cleaners,  etc. to you. I guarantee that I will be at your side all the time, not only until your purchase is done, but also thereafter.


Algarve Property Magazine, Interview Sept./Oct. 2008 

›Most of our clients are looking for a second home rather than one to live in permanently‹, says Karsten Steenken. ›They want to be close to the town´s activities and facilities and feel part of the community. The sort of people who buy in Tavira are intelligent and down-to-earth. They know the value of money... ‹


GolfAlgarve Magazine, Interview Spring 2015 

When it comes to first or second homes in the sun, the Algarve has since the early eighties always been mentioned as one of the top destinations. Even USA Forbes Magazine has in 2014 ranked the Algarve as the best location for retirement in the world, with fantastic restaurants, shops, beaches and golf courses, low living costs ($1,500 a month), reasonable property prices and most interesting tax advantages, among others, zero tax for ten years on private pension income.

›Having been in the Algarve property business since 1981, it is my opinion that there have never been better reasons for buying a second or permanent home in the Algarve. Here you can enjoy what is probably the best climate in Europe, with over eight hours of sunshine in average per day and the most wonderful beaches. East Algarve also offers a superb infrastructure, it is very safe to live here and the cost of living is low. Health services are excellent, food is brilliant and the golf courses are second to none, starting with Benamor, Quinta da Ria, Quinta de Cima, Monte Rei, Castro Marim and Quinta do Vale. ‹



Deloitte Portugal’s associate partner Aline Almeida also confirms: ›Portugal offers a special regime for new residents (Non Habitual Residents), which establishes a fantastic tax regime for pensioners and entrepreneurs of all nationalities. ‹


I look forward to seeing you soon in Tavira!

Karsten Steenken

VerdeLand Lda. (AMI License 5654)


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